Multi-carry system

In my opinion, the functionality of the knife is not determined by the blade or the handle itself, but by the convenient and reliable way of carrying the tool.

The multi-carry system was created in response to the needs of the most demanding users. It is a versatile solution that allows you to attach the knife not only to the belt, but also to tactical equipment, such as vests, backpacks, bags and many more. The base of the system is a tough sheath made of kydex, to which strong polypropylene straps are bolted, equipped with buckles of leading brands, such as YKK or ITW Nexus. After unscrewing the two screws, you can rearrange them, which makes it possible to attach the knife for left-handed people. A set prepared in this way enables the mounting of the tool to the belt horizontally, to the molle system and vertically to a harness (e.g. a backpack). Another part is a stiff belt loop attached to the straps. It allows you to carry the knife at the belt at two selected heights, depending on the needs.

The presented system is quiet, durable and extremely versatile.

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